Historically, signet jewelry represented a physical marker of identity —
used like a stamp to mark documents or add a seal of significance.
These pieces are a modern reinterpretation of the idea,
in classic shapes engraved with a small, unique detail.

J. Hannah Fine Jewelry
Stacked Signet
from 295.00
Oval Pinky Signet
from 268.00
J.Hannah Fine Jewelry
Rectangle Signet
from 285.00
Round Signet
from 260.00
J. Hannah Signet Pendant
Inlay Signet Cuff
from 596.00
Signet Ear Cuff
from 165.00
Demi Signet, Pearl
from 298.00
Demi Signet
from 198.00
Demi Signet, Onyx
from 216.00
Signet Bracelet
from 310.00