Demi Signet, Pearl

Demi Signet, Pearl

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Historically, pearls have signified the wisdom of experience; they are totems of protection and luck; they are symbols of balance, strength, and calm energy. 

Our Pearl Demi Signet places a delicate pearl in our classic Demi Signet framework. At about half the size of the original Signet, the Demi is designed for pinky fingers, a re-envisioning of classic signet rings — it’s the ring your grandfather wore, with a modern, feminine sensibility. The updated size option is designed for versatility: small enough to be integrated easily into a your regular lineup but distinct enough to make a statement when worn alone. 

Included with each Pearl Demi Signet order is a limited edition printed Etiquette Guide, which recontextualizes a few traditional "rules" of etiquette in a modern format. Read more about it on the journal.

Solid 14k Gold or Silver signet set with a Pearl. 

All jewelry is handmade to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.

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